Lake Louise, Canada


The FIRST TRIP after COVID for 2021 was for lunch at Rose Cottage in Monbulk.

Check out the Day Trips page and our Extended Trips page for further trips. 

In the late 1990s, while working at the Seaford Hotel, I was asked to organise day trips for the patrons. When I left the hotel, I realised that they were not going to continue with these trips. Having met so many wonderful people, I felt compelled to take on the trips myself, so I registered Maree’s Tours, and haven't looked back.


Now I am an independent operator and have expanded from day trips and theatre shows to interstate trips and overseas trips, working in conjunction with a licenced Travel Agent. I have a passion for ensuring that everyone on my trips has a good time, meet new friends and know that I am around if they have any concerns.


Day trips include a cooked lunch, a raffle and lots of laughter while travelling in a 5-star coach. We have travelled to many varied places around Victoria and have always found new things to see and new places to visit. Extended trips have been varied throughout Australia. Overseas trips have included New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada and Alaska, and China. As the overseas trips have been so popular, I have decided to try and include an overseas trip each year. People feel more comfortable travelling with a group, especially with a leader like me who will assist, along with the overseas tour leader, to resolve any hiccups that may occur.


Luckily we have not experienced any problems on our trips so far. TOUCH WOOD. Travelling with someone like me ensures that it is indeed a holiday and not a stressful time for you.


So come and join us!


Maree Hutchins